Chin and Jaw Implants

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech offers chin and jaw implants in Chicago for men suffering from an underprojected or “weak” chin. An underprojected chin and unnoticeable jawline can lead to self-confidence issues in men of all ages; implants are one way to solve this problem. Implants are individually designed and fitted, before being placed subcutaneously during an operation by Dr. Steinbrech. The end result is a surefire confidence booster for men around the Chicago area. With fuller, more balanced facial features enhancing your natural aesthetic, your chin and jaw will be left more defined and proportional. Chicago men interested in this procedure should consult Dr. Steinbrech. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, chin and jaw implants are not only highly effective, but safe as well.

Chin and jaw implants are, like many other implants available for men, typically made of silicone. These implants are custom-fitted for each patient before the day of operation. As a cosmetic surgery available for men in Chicago, chin and jaw implants serve to elongate the appearance of the jaw. This gives patients a fuller jawline, a more pronounced chin, and an overall more proportional face.

The implementation of chin and jaw implants is also a good option for men seeking a younger and healthier appearance. The sharper jaw angles provided by this operation allow for a fuller and fresher facial structure. This can be done by either elongating the length of the jaw, or widening the jaw laterally. Both options are available to men seeking jaw and chin implants in Chicago. During your initial consultation with Dr. Steinbrech, each patient’s personal goals will be addressed.

Chin augmentation surgery can be performed with patients fully awake, although full sedation is also very common. Whether local or general anesthetics are provided is left to the discretion of the patient and Dr. Steinbrech. During the surgery itself, an incision will be made either below the chin or inside the mouth. Then, the overlying tissues are lifted off of the chin bone and the implant is placed. As each implant is individually designed for each patient, the fit will be tailored to suit each patient’s needs. Once the implant is placed over the deficient chin bone, the incision will be closed with sutures. Most chin augmentation procedures are performed within thirty minutes. As an outpatient procedure, a prolonged hospital stay is not necessary (although patients will need to arrange transportation from Dr. Steinbrech’s Chicago practice, as necessary).

When it comes to facial aesthetics, the chin and the nose are closely linked. A weak, less-than-prominent chin will usually make a strong nose seem unnaturally large. For this reason, chin augmentation surgery is often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty. However, this is a separate operation and not considered part of chin or jaw implant surgery.

Chin augmentation surgery is particularly intended for men with weak and unpronounced chins. A weak chin often throws off the aesthetic balance of the face. As such, chin and jaw implants serve to restore symmetry and proportionality to the face. Men who are unhappy with the profile view of their face particularly benefit from chin and jaw implants.

There are some prerequisites for men seeking chin and jaw implants in Chicago. Patient health is particularly important, to ensure a safe and effective operation. Candidates must be over the age of 18, and be in overall good health. Candidates must also be non-smokers, to ensure a quick and successful recovery.

Because chin and jaw implants are surgical procedures, some recovery time is necessary. Fortunately, they are outpatient procedures, and patients can return home the day of surgery. Some mild pain and swelling is not uncommon. Most swelling peaks within the 24-48 hours following surgery. Typically, this fully reduces after about one week. Most men are able to return to work within a week as well, although intense exercise should be avoided for around 10 days. Dr. Steinbrech and his team of specialists will advise each individual about their recovery, including restrictions on diet and physical activity. Details concerning dental hygiene will also be provided.