Facial Fat Injections

Facial fillers are an increasingly popular option among men in Chicago who desire a younger, fuller, and more sculpted appearance. Just like mass-produced filler options like Botox or Jeuveau, fat collected from the patient’s own body can be used for cosmetic purposes. This is a more complex procedure than other types of injections, but offers certain advantages and excellent results. Because body fat makes for a natural and excellent filler material, it is an excellent alternative to other forms of filler injections. The results speak for themselves — patients who undergo facial fat injections experience a younger appearance and boosted sense of confidence. Cost-effective and safe, facial fat injections are offered at Dr. Steinbrech’s Chicago office.

Facial fat injections are a safe and effective alternative to other types of filler injections, like Botox. By removing fat from one area of the patient’s body, cleansing it, and using it as a facial filler, board-certified Dr. Steinbrech is able to sculpt each patient’s face to meet their desired results. The injections are essentially a fat transfer. This, of course, offers dual advantages, as patients are able to simultaneously remove fat from where it is unwanted and use it to contour the face. Facial fat injections have a number of benefits for men. In addition to giving patients a fuller, healthier-looking face, they can also smooth out creases and wrinkles. Facial fat injections can also be used for shallow contouring, a slight reshaping of the face which can help patients meet their aesthetic ideal. The exact area of the face which is targeted, as well as the precise results of the procedure, vary from patient to patient. Dr. Steinbrech works with each patient in his Chicago office to fully understand their personal goals, and adapts his procedure accordingly.

Before the operation itself begins, Dr. Steinbrech will consult with the patient and identify the specific areas of the face which are to be targeted. The “donor” area (the area from which fat will be removed) will also be identified before the operation. Usually, this is a part of the body which contains some unwanted fat.

On the day of the procedure, a local anesthetic will be administered to avoid discomfort while the injections occur. The area is sanitized to prevent infections, and a fluid is administered into the injection site. This fluid ensures an easier removal of fatty tissue. The donor fat is then removed, using a method similar to liposuction. To reduce the risk of complication and ensure maximum efficacy of the procedure, the donor fat is placed in a large centrifuge, This cleanses the fat of any impurities and allows for it to be injected into the face. The donor fat is then injected into the target area of the face, and contoured according to each patient’s goals. Typically, around 50% of injected fat will survive, so it is possible that multiple visits to Dr. Steinbrech’s Chicago office will be necessary. This, however, varies from patient to patient. All told, the procedure generally lasts between thirty minutes to one hour.

Top candidates for facial fat injections in Chicago are men who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their face. This dissatisfaction may be a result of creases, wrinkles, or simply poor facial structure. Candidates should be in good physical health to qualify for facial fat injections. Patients also should be non-smokers, and have realistic expectations about the possible results of facial injections. A positive outlook is extremely important going into the procedure, and patients should be committed to maintaining healthy skin after the injections are administered.

Because each patient’s circumstances are different, recovery time varies from patient to patient. Facial fat injections are a short, outpatient procedure. As with other types of filler injection, most normal activities are able to be resumed immediately. However, it is recommended to avoid intense physical activity or contact sports for 48 hours after the procedure. Side effects tend to be mild, and may include light pain at the injection site, as well as some swelling or bruising. Medications may be administered by Dr. Steinbrech, but most patients only require topical ice and rest to treat these side-effects.