No matter what age or weight, the threat of a double chin is one that many people, men in particular, dread. How often have you heard someone utter the phrase, “if only I could just melt this away?” Well, with Kybella treatments for men in Chicago, you can. Kybella is an innovative cosmetic treatment that is changing the face of the cosmetic enhancement world. This miracle “double-chin shot” is the only FDA-approved cosmetic injection that melts, and reduces the submental fat area (the area below the chin). The result is a slender profile you can be proud and confident about.

Approved by the FDA in 2015, Kybella is an injectable cosmetic treatment used to eliminate and contour the submental fat area (aka “double chin”) to enhance the profile. Manufactured by the makers of Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers, Allergan Cosmetics, Kybella is an effective, non-invasive and non-surgical technique that is permanent and safe. Benefits such as these make it an easy, popular alternative to more complex cosmetic procedures such as liposuction. During its 9 years of development by the Kythera Corporation, 20 clinical trials were done on over 2,600 patients in order to ensure Kybella’s effectiveness and guaranteed safety.

Kybella doesn’t require any incisions during the procedure and, in most cases, has little to no downtime. The procedure is also quick, requiring no more than 15-30 minutes. You can get your Kybella treatment done on your lunch break. The key ingredient in Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a modified version of a naturally occurring substance in the body that breaks down and destroys fat. When Kybella is applied to specific areas, it melts and eliminates fat cells permanently. That way fat cells can no longer accumulate and store themselves in the affected area.

Kybella is an effective, injectable treatment that diminishes submental fullness in the chin, contouring the jawline for a desirable profile. The main ingredient in Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a bile-type acid that is found naturally within the body, that dissolves fat cells permanently. Once Kybella is administered to the treatment area, fat cells can no longer accumulate and store themselves in the submental fat area.

The injection site will first be numbed with a topical anesthetic, after which your doctor will mark with a grid, and after the grid is removed, your doctor will administer the injections. Depending on your treatment plan agreed upon by you and your doctor at the time of your consultation, you may receive up to 50 injections of Kybella per treatment session. Injections are one centimeter apart with a 30 gauge or smaller 0.5-inch needle. The total session is between 15 and 30 minutes.

The number of treatment sessions varies, depending on the treatment plan developed by you and your doctor. Some patients only require one treatment, typically patients only need two, but can receive up to six total treatment sessions. This all depends on the amount of submental fat in the chin area.

The best patients for Kybella treatments are those that are over the age of 18 and in good health, who have a moderate amount of neck or chin fat in the submental area and wish to improve their overall profile. Typically these patients wish to avoid invasive, extensive surgery and have yet to see the results of proper diet and exercise. While doctors do not recommend patients in their early 20s simply because they personally feel they are ‘too young,’ you may receive treatment at age 18 and over. Kybella is safe for pregnant women, but many frown at the administering cosmetic procedures on pregnant women and might advise that they wait until after giving birth before receiving Kybella treatment.

Like other non-invasive cosmetic treatments, Kybella has very little to no recovery time. You can easily return to directly to work after your session. You may experience swelling, tenderness, or inflammation of the neck that may be visible for 3 to 5 days after but this will dissipate. Some patients experience an initial discomfort that is slight, but it is important to remember that everyone is different and reactions, if any, may vary. Bruising is still possible but less likely when compared to liposuction. The overall recovery time depends on the amount of fat being treated in the submental fat area.