Male Model Makeover

Most men tend to “look better with age.” However, the aging process can cause certain facial features to recede. This can happen as early as age 30. The loss of bone and soft tissue around the chin, jaw and cheeks can be combated non-surgically with the use of dermal filler. More men are choosing to get filler, instead of going under the knife, to achieve a younger look. But many are not aware that you can use filler to create a more chiseled appearance as well. For this reason, Male Plastic Surgery in Chicago offers the Male Model Makeover® to instantly transform men’s faces.

The Male Model Makeover® was developed by board-certified plastic surgeon and male aesthetics expert, Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech. This innovative procedure is a quick and easy way to enhance a man’s facial contours. The Male Model Makeover® is an excellent alternative to invasive plastic surgery since it uses a series of safe, hypoallergenic dermal fillers. This also makes it more cost-effective for the patient.

It only takes 10 minutes for a man’s face to be instantly transformed by the Male Model Makeover®. The gel filler is injected into five key points of the face. This includes both sides of the cheek and jaw, in addition to the chin. In some cases, filler can be used on the nose as well.

Instead of using filler in the same ways that women do, to smooth wrinkles or fill in fine lines, Male Model Makeover® uses it to add width, structure and definition. The outcome includes sharper features and a more square-looking face that mimics what is normally achievable by going under the knife. It also downplays any natural facial flaws a patient may have. Since dermal filler is the preferred injectable for this procedure, patients should understand that the results are not permanent.

The entire Male Model Makeover® procedure takes just 10 minutes. While to goal is to restore youthfulness and structure to the face, each treatment is tailored to meet the patient. The doctor will begin by strategically injecting a series of gel filler into the upper, mid and/or lower areas of the face. Again, this will depend on the patient’s specific needs and goals.

Common Male Model Makeover® injection sites include the chin, jawline, nose, cheekbones and under-eyes. To strengthen the lower region of the face, the jaw and chin will receive an injection to create a chiseled look. Adding additional filler to the cheekbones will emphasize the mid-face. To decrease dark circles and combat a tired appearance, your doctor can also introduce gel in the under-eye area. This technique brightens and restores youth, as this region tends to hollow out with age.

These types of dermal injections can also be applied to the nose. The gel can be used to contour a nasal hump, correct asymmetry or even create a different nose shape altogether. This is considered a nonsurgical rhinoplasty and doesn’t permanently alter the nose or change its structure. Results of the Male Model Makeover® can hold up for as long as a year and a half.

While it’s no secret all men want to look their best, that doesn’t mean everyone is the right candidate for this procedure. The Male Model Makeover® is best suited for men of a certain age who desire a more chiseled face and have features that are lacking or receding. You might be a good candidate for a Male Model Makeover® if you:

  • Are in reasonably good health
  • Are over the age of 28
  • Have skin that still retains elasticity
  • Desire a youthful, masculine appearance
  • Want stronger cheekbones, defined jawline, or more pronounced chin
  • Are interested in refreshing the under-eye area

It is common to see some redness around the injection site immediately following the Male Model Makeover®. However, there is zero downtime associated with this procedure. It can even be performed during a lunch break. Since it’s considered to be minimally invasive, the recovery is very minimal. Results of the Male Model Makeover® are instantly visible, although it can take anywhere from one to two weeks for the dermal fillers to fully settle into the skin. On average, these fillers are able to last up to 18 months. In some cases, longer. Ultimately, this will vary according to the individual patient.