Neck Lift

Many men in the Chicago area struggle with visible signs of aging in the neck. Excess fatty deposits below the chin can often lead to the appearance of a double chin or “turkey-neck.” This often results in serious negative effects on self-image. Often, men who experience these signs of aging will still retain a more youthful appearance of the face. The neck lift offers a perfect solution to this contradiction. In contrast to a full facelift, a neck lift specifically targets sagging skin and signs of aging below the chin. Dr. Steinbrech and his team strive to provide men in Chicago with a more vibrant, youthful look.

Unlike the traditional facelift, which targets the entirety of the face, a neck lift is specifically tailored to improve signs of aging below the chin. The neck lift is a surgical procedure which utilizes incisions and tissue repositioning to restore youthful contours to the chins and jawlines of men across the Chicago area. Because of a naturally high amount of skin and fatty tissue, the neck is particularly susceptible to aging, especially among men. When growing older, men lose the elasticity of their neck, chin and jawline. Collagen buildup can also contribute to sagging skin below the chin.

The neck lift is specifically intended to correct these symptoms of aging, eliminating years worth of aging in a simple, hour-long procedure. The operation itself is typically an outpatient procedure, making it especially convenient for men all across the greater Chicago area. After an initial consultation and a straightforward operation, patients are free to return home for a short recovery process and enjoy the rejuvenating, confidence-boosting effects of the neck lift.

Neck lift procedures take place at Dr. Steinbrech’s Chicago office. An initial consultation will determine patient eligibility and highlight desired results. As each person’s signs of aging are individual to them, each patient’s neck lift is specifically designed for them. No two neck lifts are exactly alike.

A neck lift is a less extensive option than a traditional facelift. The procedure involves an incision in the upper neck area, at which point the patient’s muscles will be tightened, excess fat will be removed, and the incision will be closed. The area in which the incision is made differs from patient to patient. Most often, however, neck lift incisions are made right behind the ears, around the patient’s earlobe. This allows any signs of surgery to be virtually undetectable once the neck lift procedure is completed. Incisions made in this area also quicken the healing process. A neck lift will be performed under either local or general anesthesia; this will be determined beforehand by the patient and Dr. Steinbrech.

For men in Chicago experiencing the negative effects of the aging process, a neck lift is an effective and safe solution. Men with a double-chin or “turkey neck” (saggy skin around the neck) can experience the benefits of a neck lift, as it will smoothen out your face and neck, providing a more youthful and vibrant appearance. A neck lift is also a good option for men who have experienced prior weight loss, as it will remove excess skin and fat that remains after a change in weight. Patients in Chicago who are satisfied with the effects of age on their face, but dissatisfied with the effects on their neck, often opt for a neck lift as opposed to a traditional facelift.

Most patients will be able to return to work around two weeks after the completion of the neck lift procedure. Swelling, numbness and mild bruising are to be expected in the post-operative period. In order to reduce these symptoms and aid the healing process, bandages will be applied to the area of operation. In some cases, Dr. Steinbrech may use drainage tubes to remove excess fluids. This is done in the immediate aftermath of the neck lift operation. All Chicago patients will receive detailed information on their recovery, as well as any necessary medications to take, from Dr. Steinbrech.